Spring skin care. Change your cosmetics and beauty routines

Spring is the time of the year during which everything wakes up and changes for the better. We should also put on beauty changes. Put the winter cosmetics on the shelves, and let’s take light creams and colourful eyeshadows. How to take care of your skin in the spring?

First of all, exfoliate 

After winter, the skin is grey, with discolourations and other imperfections, which you must get rid of in the spring. That’s why a deep scrub will surely come in handy. The cosmetics with acids will work just as well. If you choose the latter, remember to use sunblock creams during the treatment. You can choose from acids: AHA (lactic, glycolic, lemon, almond or apple), BHA (salicylic) and PHA (lactobionic or gluconolactone).

Secondly, recover radiance 

Dull and tired skin after winter should be enhanced with radiance. During cold months your skin did not have the opportunity to catch the sun, so take care of it in the spring. Provide it with brightening in the form of regenerating masks with the content of natural ingredients. Avocado masks or oat flakes that moisturize and rebuild grey skin will work well. Go for cosmetics with concentrated compositions, so that you can see the effects right after the application.

Thirdly, lightweight 

In spring and summer, it makes no sense to use thick and rich creams. Apply those that contain nourishing ingredients, have light formulas and allow the skin to breathe. If you got bored with traditional creams, then you can choose light emulsions, sorbets, serums or gels. The latter will replace your makeup primer.

Fourthly, vitamins

Vitamins should be found both in cosmetics and in your diet. Thanks to them your skin will regain beautiful glow and condition. Choose cosmetics with the content of vitamins A, C and E, so that the complexion will have a healthy colour and a youthful appearance. For spring regeneration of the skin, you will also need oxygenating products and those with a coenzyme Q10 content.

Last, but not least – UV protection 

And finally, make sure to protect your skin from the sun radiation as early as possible. To start with, choose a low filter that you will increase later on in the summer. Optimal protection should be provided with SPF 25 or SPF 30 cream. You can also protect the skin from the sun in a different way. Wear sunglasses, large hats or scarves, walk along the shaded part of the pavement. All these rules will prevent wrinkle appearance and unwanted discolouration.