LATISSE eyelash treatment

Composition: reasonable, drug-based

Latisse is an eyelash treatment that contains pure bimatoprost – a component of glaucoma medicines. The active substance has healing properties, but at the same time increases lash growth. The brand decided to use this effect and created a serum containing 0.03% bimatoprost. It turns out that this concentration is safe and approved for cosmetic purposes. This significantly calmed down the reviewers. Latisse does not contain other controversial ingredients.

Effects: confirmed, noticeable

Latisse is designed to stimulate the lash bulbs. It cannot be denied that it is effective. After only a few weeks, lashes are longer and even slightly thicker. The group of evaluators agreed that the eye drops are effective yet they are not an ideal solution. In the leaflet attached, we can find information on possible side effects such as iris discolouration or eye inflammation. Luckily, none of the participants has noticed any of that, so the probability of their occurrence is rather low.

Packaging: unusual, handy

Latisse is a serum that comes in the form of eye drops. The bottle of 3ml capacity does not resemble any of the cosmetics from the same range. Nevertheless, it is one of the top-rated eyelash care products. The small packaging made of plastic is rather handy and does not take up too much space.

What is more, the bottle is durable, sealed, however, not very elegant-looking.

Applicator: disposable, uncomfortable, makes the application difficult

The saved space due to the small bottle has been filled with disposable applicators that come along. One packaging of the Latisse treatment includes about 70 applicators. They are stiffer than a regular brush which means they are less pleasant to use. The assessors also mentioned that they aren’t gentle and tend to scratch the eyelid. On one hand it might seem more difficult, but on the other hand, disposable applicators are very hygienic.

  • detailed information on the formula presented in the leaflet
  • good availability on online beauty stores
  • colourless and odourless formula
  • treatment for only two months of regular use
  • the price is inadequate to the quality of the product