LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum

Composition: synthetic, low value

Another product with cellulose content. We have repeatedly stated that cellulose fibres are often added to mascaras to increase lash length. The thing is, an eyelash serum is supposed to work differently – increase length in a natural way. Therefore, we have carried out an in-depth analysis of the composition and it turned out that there were no natural plant extracts at all! Fortunately, there is only one preservative accompanied by proteins and panthenol. The composition of Lilash eyelash serum is not that bad but definitely not natural.

Effects: ineffective, disappointing

Unfortunately, LiLash eyelash serum is one of the worst products in this review. Tests carried out for the purposes of this ranking showed that Lilash has a positive impact on the condition of eyelashes, although not as promised by the manufacturer. None of the girls’ lashes got longer, but in most cases, they became healthier. The only thing is that natural oils bring similar effects and it is not worth overpaying.

The girls were awaiting lengthening, and probably most readers too, but unfortunately, Lilash eyelash conditioner does not work.

Packaging: typical, good-quality

Another lash serum in a silver bottle. Thankfully, the colour scheme and the design of the packaging does not influence the results, although in this case, it doesn’t matter anyway. In general, the bottle is well-made, solid and does not leak. After a few weeks, you can notice the signs fading which seems not to be significant. Considering the number of silver packages of eyelash serums available on the market, a pack with worn-out inscriptions may make it difficult to identify whether we use the right brand.

Applicator: imprecise, medium quality

The applicator of LiLash eyelash serum is small but rather handy. It is made of plastic and since it’s elastic, the application is quite easy even though the bristles are not very gentle. After testing out several products, the reviewers noticed how significant it is to apply the serum precisely. Unfortunately, in the case of Lilash, precision is not possible.

  • LiBrow eyebrow serum complements eyelash serum
  • one package is enough for a few months
  • the product can be bought in several countries
  • the price is inadequate to the quality