NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum

Composition: rich, complicated

At the very beginning, girls took the formula under the microscope. NeuLash eyelash serum turned out pretty good. We couldn’t find much information about the combination of amino acids in the biotechnological active complex. Apart of that, NeuLash eyelash serum comprises sodium hyaluronan acid, B vitamins, soybean oil and even exotic pumpkin seed extract. Unfortunately, the product has a long and complicated list of ingredients with preservatives and substances of comedogenic properties.

Effects: conditioning, ineffective

On the official website, you can find promises of visibly thicker and naturally fuller lashes within only a month. Unfortunately, four weeks is not enough for any improvement. NeuLash is more of a beautifying product than a growth-stimulating lash serum. The reviewers unanimously stated that it was an ineffective product. Over a month after starting the treatment, lashes became slightly more visible.

Packaging: solid, elegant, unhandy

The packaging turned out to be the most positive element of the product. NeuLash stands out in comparison to the competitors. Theoretically, the bottle is silver in colour as many other serums are, however, in practice, the mirror-like packaging is very elegant. The metallic bottle is neat and well-made. You do not have to worry about breakage, leaking, or any damages. Unfortunately, the NeuLash lash serum has a slightly larger package than other serums, which makes it lose several points for its convenience.

This is an eyelash serum that will not always be fitted in a makeup bag.

Applicator: underdeveloped, imprecise

The simple applicator that has been attached to the serum is not as well-thought-out as the packaging. It is too thin on the length and according to the reviewers, this makes safe and precise application impossible. However, the tip of the brush is too thick and it scoops too much product at once. This, in turn, increases the risk of the serum dripping into the eye. In this case, Neulash did not show its good side.

  • NeuBrow complements the lash serum
  • six-month treatment
  • details inconsistent with information available on the website
  • price too high and inadequate to the effects