DabaLash Professional Eyelash Enhancer

Composition: artificial

Before we decided to order Dabalash eyelash serum for testing, we searched the network for detailed product information. Unfortunately, we did not find INCI on any of the websites. On the producer’s page, the only information concerns the fact that it is an eyelash serum free of parabens and harmful chemical ingredients. We’ve analyzed the formula. It turned out that Dabalash is based on an active substance that is derived from prostaglandins. We are not convinced that using a cosmetic containing such hormones in the eye area is reasonable. Two girls gave up the test whilst the rest of the reviewers took a risk for the sake of the entire project.

Effects: ineffective, negative

Not without reason, Dabalash eyelash serum ended up nearly at the end of the ranking. A several-month test has shown clearly how ineffective the product is. The users are promised to have beautiful and spectacularly long lashes. In reality, there was no improvement when it comes to the condition, in some cases the opposite – they got weaker. Dabalash eyelash serum neither strengthens nor nourishes and certainly does not increase the length of eyelashes. We didn’t even think deeply about evaluating the product.

This is a flap in terms of effectiveness.

Packaging: unhandy, poor-quality

We do not want to be considered the pickiest and critical editorial team but just couldn’t help noting that Dabalash eyelash serum is just another product in a silver package. To be honest, we seriously started wondering what’s so interesting about all shades of grey! Moreover, a poor-quality packaging caused the reviewers some troubles. A leaky cap, fragile elements and a rather average durability of imprint – all of this can be found in this product. In addition, Dabalash has twice the capacity of a standard eyelash serum, which is why it is cumbersome.

Applicator: unstable, unhandy

A black applicator installed inside of the cap is definitely not the perfect solution. Its poor quality is visible after unscrewing the bottle and pulling the bristles out. It is impossible to precisely and conveniently apply the serum with such a brush. The applicator is mounted on the cap quite stable. One of the participants broke it off during the application and had to hold it later with its thin tip, which was not convenient.

  • can be used both for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • exorbitant price inadequate to the quality
  • advertising incompatible with reality