GrandeLash-MD Eyelash & Eyebrow Formula

Composition: rich in nutrients

After taking a closer look at the list of ingredients placed on the packaging of GrandeLash eyelash serum, we were wondering how to evaluate it. After a thorough analysis we came to the conclusion that apart from a few synthetic ingredients (mainly preservatives), GrandeLash comprises some interesting substances, including panthenol, vitamin E, sodium lactate and several extracts, such as grape seed extract, yeast extract, chamomile flower extract, ginseng and bearberry. It looks quite well in comparison to the competition, although it significantly weakens the intensity of action.

Effects: unnoticeable, ineffective

Unfortunately, GrandeLash eyelash serum is not an effective product. Our colleagues’ few-week tests have proven its poor performance. Unfortunately, in most cases, there were no results at all. It is another eyelash serum that does not meet user’s expectations. As we have concluded, it is a matter of too many natural nutrients with poor performance and not enough intense and effective active substances.

Packaging: cheesy gold, non-durable

Finally, a brand that broke with stereotypically silver and grey packaging. The producer went a bit different direction and released the product in a golden package. Unfortunately, it looks a bit kitschy, but we would be able to get over it if the quality was sound. Unfortunately, the performance and durability of the packaging of the Grandelash eyelash serum leaves much to be desired.

It is very easy to damage the bottle and lose the valuable content of the product.

Applicator: very poor quality

Another eyelash serum and again without surprise. The applicator in the form of a thin pointed brush is of very low-quality. GrandeLash brand could have done a lot better in this case. The applicator is stiff, the bristles are sticking out and do not adjust well when in contact with the skin. The girls who tried out GrandeLash eyelash serum agreed on one thing – it was easy to scratch the eyelids, the nose, and even the eye. Thus, the product application was very problematic and unpleasant.

  • one of the less expensive ones, however, there are better and cheaper alternatives, that
  • one packaging lasts only three months
  • the cardboard box is fussy