IdolLash Eyelash Enhancer

Composition: rich, multidimensional

The composition of the IdolLash eyelash enhancer is based on a few natural ingredients enriched with other active substances. There are: keratin (it is the key structural material making up hair and lashes), nourishing Coconut oil, soothing chamomile and nettle extract, moisturising honey as well as vitamin and protein complexes. IdolLash eyelash serum also includes more advanced polypeptidic structures. Moreover, the analysis has shown one surprise. We have not encountered marine algae in eyelash serum so far. But is this solution really beneficial?

Effects: nourishment only

On the product official website, we read that IdolLash eyelash serum is to bring us closer to a ‘celebrity’ look. Unfortunately, despite a regular use for several weeks in a row, the reviewers haven’t noticed any changes. The manufacturer’s promises of longer, thicker and fuller-looking lashes were not fulfilled. The only thing that happened was darkening of the lashes. We cannot deny that this is a good conditioning product, due to the complex of valuable ingredients, lashes gained strength after a few days.

However, no other effects were noticed for any of the reviewers.

Packaging: attractive, average quality

Kudos to the brand for the packet – it is definitely eye-catching. The dark blue bottle with white writings is an original design and it stands out in comparison to other products. It is well-made, although the materials used are not of top-quality. Some of the appraisers encountered problems with leaking screw cap. The girls coped with this just by keeping the serum upright at all times.

Applicator: very low quality, terrible

As it turned out, the applicator caused a great deal of trouble to the reviewers. It seemed like there was nothing particular about it because it is just a typical eyeliner-like applicator. During the first week of use, two participants claimed that the bristles broke off. During the following weeks, another couple of girls brought a broken applicator and a spliced tip. The funniest thing was that one IdolLash eyelash serum came without a brush at all. We suspect that either it broke off and fell inside, or it was missing from the beginning. IdolLash has one of the worst applicators.

  • a relatively low price compared to the competition
  • fairly good product performance with regular application
  • low availability in stationary shops and average availability online
  • you have to wait a long time for the shipment