La Mer – The magic of the most expensive cream in the World

La Mer — for one it is financially unreachable enigma, for others redundant expense, and for many women it is the best cosmetic in the entire world that grew to being a remarkable youth elixir. La Mer is used by numerous women all around the world. It is the favourite of celebrities and stars. No other cream have ever gained such a popularity as this one. What is the secret to La Mer? What’s its strength?

The most ground-breaking things come from the simple need, not a whim.

La Mer was created because its creator — Dr Max Huber (physicist and astronomy passionate) has suffered extensive burns during one of the accidents. In the face of such severe burns science and medicine were then helpless. The doctor had to find the remedy himself.

The solution has not been found right away. Max Huber has spent 12 years searching for the perfect substance. As it turns out, this seems to be the marine algae. The doctor has been experimenting with it by conducting over 6000 tests and in tries to refine the 4-month process of the bio-fermentation of the marine algae. The secret of Dr Huber is affecting marine algae with light and sound waves with known only to him, intensity. Only all the factors made La Mer come to life — the cream that contains this precious marine elixir called miracle broth. It holds deeply regenerating properties and is supplied with every La Mer cream jar, that to this day has the same composition and box.

Burned skin of the doctor started to change and smooth out and La Mer cream soon was appreciated by the women. Currently the cream vial reaches extraordinary high price, yet it has a multitude of faithful consumers.

La Mer makes skin smooth, properly hydrated, radiant and devoid of all the imperfections — all the furrows and scars marvellously disappear. Your skin is glowing and soft, silky smooth, rested and free from wrinkles.

La Mer is a cream with a wide group of infatuated fans and fierce opponents. One is certain — it became a cosmetic legend and no one and nothing will ever take it away.