Morning beauty routine mistakes you should never make

In the morning, most of us do not have time for proper skin care. School, work, children and other duties make us forget about ourselves and our skin. We make many mistakes in haste, we forget about some cosmetics, we give up make-up. And yet morning care is very important. Check out what mistakes you cannot make ever again.

Inaccurate face wash

In the morning you should wash your face to remove dead skin cells, sebum and impurities that have accumulated on the skin at night and in contact with bedding (this is mainly about mites and dust). For the morning face wash, use a cosmetic designed for your particular skin type. It can be a foam, milk, gel or micellar liquid. Remember that water on its own is not enough.

Warm water to wash your face

Washing your face with water will not remove all impurities. It will certainly not be able to cope with sebum and purifying oily skin. The best solution is a product that will bind fat and additionally nourish the complexion. Warm water, on the other hand, dilates blood vessels, makes them loose and can cause irritation. It is much better to use cool water, which narrows the pores of the skin, soothes swelling under the eyes and refreshes.

Lack of cream and protection against solar radiation 

Applying a cream with a filter is the best way to take care of all skin types. Sunscreen protects oily skin against the formation of acne discolourations, protects dry skin against premature aging, sensitive skin against irritations, and prevents the formation of senile spots on the capillary skin. The spectrum of the filter should be selected according to the season and, as a result, to insolation.

Inapproproate cream application

We tend to apply face creams just before leaving the house. As if that was not enough, we rub the product inaccurately, omitting some parts of the face. Meanwhile, a winter cream with the filter should be applied about 30 minutes before leaving. It is also worth remembering to apply it to the whole face and massage it thoroughly. A massage will improve the condition of the skin and improve blood circulation.

Foundation instead of cream

Unfortunately, no foundation will ever have as beneficial properties as a cream. The task of the foundation is to cover the imperfections and not to nourish the complexion. What’s more, the foundations do not contain natural and safe ingredients. Creams, on the other hand, are supposed to nurture, heal and beautify the complexion. This does not mean, however, that you cannot use a foundation at all. Yes, but always after a cream matched to your complexion type.