Dry Body Brushing. How to Do it the Right Way?

Brushing dry body has amazing skin benefits. For great effects, you must know how to do it the right way. Check how to brush dry body. Smooth and firm skin – guaranteed.

What should you know about brushing?

Dry body brushing is a very easy treatment you can do at home. Some people say it should be done in the morning before the shower. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong in brushing the skin in the evening e.g. before hair removal. The treatment gives the best effects when you do it twice a week. Remember to skip damaged skin areas, inflammation and acne blemishes.

How to brush the dry skin the right way?

The order and direction are two basic things you must consider. Start with the upper and lower limbs; always massage the skin towards the heart. How to brush the chosen body parts?

HANDS & ARMS: Massage fingers one by one, starting with nails. Next, move on to the inner and outer parts of hands. Move the brush anticlockwise. Brush the wrists, move on to elbows and shoulders. You can pay more attention to the elbows as the skin there is thick and hard to smooth.

ARMPITS: Massage the skin clockwise. Use gentle motions not to irritate the skin. Brush the armpit skin before hair removal. In this way, you will get rid of dead cells and lift the ingrowns.

NECK: Start at the back of the neck. Next, move the brush to the front and down. Don’t forget about massaging the jaw. Press the gadget behind ears and move it along the jawline.

FEET & LEGS: Massage feet using circular motions, starting with toes and moving towards heels and ankles. Brush the heel skin as intensely as the elbows. Then, massage your knees and ankles. Do the treatment on the front and back side (remember about buttocks).

TORSO: Start brushing your back at the lower part and move towards shoulders. Next, massage your belly and chest. Brush the underbelly, breasts and chest with circular motions.