LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

Composition: very simple, natural

LashFood products are popular mainly due to their eco-friendly formula. We have been browsing the producer’s webpage for a while and eventually, encouraged by the ingredients, we finally decided to order it. Lashfood eyelash enhancer contains arginine, adenosine, rice and soy proteins and peony extracts. Without getting into details, we can say that the composition deserves a round of applause. However, it must be mentioned that this is a typical nourishing product rather than lash growth-stimulating serum.

Effects: mediocre, only nourishment

The brand focuses very much on the organic character of its product. LashFood is the only eyelash serum with Ecocert certificate. However, in our opinion, being organic is not enough. It would be better to offer an effective product. LashFood eyelash serum is very good at nourishing eyelashes which were confirmed by our testers. Although not in every case, because on heavily damaged lashes, the product brings average effects. In addition to a measurable enhancement, Lashfood does not offer anything more and certainly does not lengthen or thicken eyelashes. For such tasks, other, better products mentioned by us have been designed.

Packaging: aesthetic, good quality

Journalistic research has shown that the packaging is the most attention-drawing factor when it comes to LashFood eyelash serum. The product comes in a neat, pleasing bottle and its white colour combined with silver inscription is a really successful design. Someone from the editorial team said that such an aesthetic package resembles the best cosmetic products to buy in pharmacies, the rest of us nodded, because that’s the truth.

LashFood looks like the best quality pharmaceuticals, which is very encouraging to buy.

Applicator: tiny, non-durable

The very small applicator was definitely one of the things that annoyed the reviewers the most. You could get over the packaging (if the serum is not spilling), but the applicator must be suitable. The one in LashFood eyelash serum is so small that it’s very difficult to use it on the eyelid. Also, applying the right amount of product in the designated place is not easy as well, but it is easy to scratch the eye with the plastic tip. The applicator is another failure of the brand as well as the ineffective formula.

  • one packaging is enough for several weeks of use
  • there are two versions: Phyto-Medic and The Original
  • too high price compared to the effects of the treatment