Dermika Gold 24K – Innovative Night Cream-Mask

The moment we turn 40, the irreversible ageing processes start going on in the body. We begin an everlasting battle for healthy and young looks. Dermika Gold 24K Night Cream Mask effectively protects the skin from the signs of passing time.

Dermika Gold 24K Cream Mask is a rich treatment with complex repair formula. It works multidimensionally, improving the skin appearance.

  • reduces the visibility of wrinkles,
  • enhances skin density and elasticity,
  • corrects the face oval,
  • repairs, nourishes and moisturises,
  • rejuvenates and brightens the complexion.

Dermika Gold 24K is a composition of patented technologies that complement each other during the whole-night fight with skin ageing. The mask owes its effectiveness to four elements.


It is the most beneficial formula in the product. Total Benefit is enriched with precise media that delivers active ingredients directly to fibroblasts. These cells are stimulated to an intensified production of essential substances – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


The innovative Dermika Gold 24K Facial Mask contains a plant activator providing repair and thickening the fatty tissue. It reaches the deepest skin layers thus skin on the cheeks is more elastic and noticeably smoother.


Dermika enriched its product with the complex of natural oils that match the needs of the skin. It includes selected vegetable oils that seal the epidermis and deliver optimal moisture. They rebuild and reinforce the natural hydro-lipid layer thanks to essential fatty acids and vitamins.


24K gold is the most interesting ingredient. Dermika Gold 24K Mask Cream is a rich nourishing formula enriched with gold leaves that reduce the visibility of wrinkles and illuminate the complexion due to the refraction.